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I started my research experience with Monte Carlo calculations in high-energy physics as part of my masters degree requirements. I studied phenomena in lead-glass block-structured calorimeters. I continued my high-energy research many years later.

Meanwhile, after my M.S. graduation I started working in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Research. I studied material properties with positron annihilation. My main topic was participation in the decelopment of Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulations to study radiation damaga and other aspects of condensed matter materials.

After spending almost two years in industry, I returned to my studies in physics and obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Houston under supervisors Dr. Paul C. W. Chu and Dr. M. Iliev. My research was concentrated on Raman studies of novel materials - transition metal oxides, strongly correletaed systems in general and superconductivity

I joined the University of Regina in 2003 to continue my particle physics research. I was involved in the GlueX project and in LHC studies together with collegues from Texas A&M University. Currently I am participating in dark matter ILC simulation sudies, together with Dr. Barbi.

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