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My name is Nikolay Kolev and I am a physicist at the University of Regina.

The background image is the distribution of dark matter in a large chunk of the Universe. It is a simulated distribution, because dark matter is very difficult to map. Dark matter makes up about a quarter of all matter, while usual matter only makes up about 4%. The nature of dark matter ramains an unsolved puzzle.

Cosmology and its entanglement with particle physics were my inspiration to study physics. How infinitesimally  small things like quarks and leptons determine the fate of the mind-bogglingly big Universe is the most exciting adventure one can possibly imagine, the most fascinating mystery we can hope to resolve. The very notions of what existence, space, time, information and entropy, life and consciousness are, are being challenged on a fundamental level like never before. Can physics answer the question of "life, the Unvierse, and everything"?

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